The Pendulum - Lesson One
by Joe Smith

To start with you need a pendulum. A nut on a string, a ring on a string, a locket with a chain, Almost any thing will do the trick. Later you may find you have preference for different pendulums.  

Ok we are ready to start. I hope most of you have gotten your letter to Robin by now, if not get it off the net  ( or I'll send you one. It is very self explanatory. There are pictures, diagrams and charts also . So pay attention and go to the ASD web site ( ) and unload it or I'll send you one for $3.00 + postage. 

So find something to make that pendulum and we will start tomorrow. For those that have already got their book and pendulum. We can start now. 

The shorter the string or chain the faster it will react. Ok to start with let your pendulum down through your thumb and forefinger, all the while making it swing back and forth. When you reach a point that you have a nice steady swing stop there and go with that for now. 

For this lesson group use the back and forth motion for your yes and the sideways motion for your no. Like shaking your head No. Walt likes to use the 45* angle for a ready position. I never do but if you are using the book by all means do that if you want. Walt suggests you find a comfortable place to learn this work. . Like in the mornings set down with a cup of coffee and work with the pendulum every day if you can. Just a short 5 minutes will be a start. 

Take a piece of paper and place a cross line on it and then one at an 45 degree through that. Now Fred if you had the book you could see what to do and this lesson would be un-necessary. It is all in the book . But anyway get your yes and no answers down pat. I don't care if you get the ready or not as I use the yes motion for that also. The pendulum is sitting there in a yes motion kind of idling any way and you ask a question that takes a yes answer it will just keep on going yes yes yes yes. But if the answer is no it will change real quick. If you are having trouble , make the pendulum give you the correct answers to start with. I won't tell on you. 

Your chain or string should be about 3-4 " long , no longer, between your finger and the pendulum. The chain can be 2 " long but the length between the two points should be no more than 4". Practice this much . 


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